Reflect. Innovate. Impact.

Over the past decade, the Yale Philanthropy Conference (YPC) has served as a platform to increase the effectiveness of philanthropy. For the tenth anniversary of YPC, join us to explore the cycle of growth and innovation with stakeholders from across the philanthropic landscape.

The cycle begins when organizations REFLECT upon lessons learned from the past and keep up with industry trends. Reflections inspire organizations to INNOVATE, exploring new ventures and pushing boundaries. Through that process, organizations can better IMPACT the world around them and grow positive social change. Each stage of the cycle facilitates the next such that impact eventually leads to further reflection and innovation.

As the only industry conference planned entirely by MBA students, YPC embraces its tie to Yale’s School of Management (SOM) and the mission to create leaders for business and society. The conference is geared towards philanthropists and individuals working at foundations but also attracts nonprofit professionals, academics, consultants, and students.

YPC is one of the premier philanthropy conferences in the country and as the only one organized by a top-tier business school, the Yale School of Management, it provides a unique and critical perspective on challenging management issues facing the field. Past speakers have included Paul Brest, Jed Emerson, Mark Kramer, Gara LaMarche, Jean Case and many other leaders from the sector. YPC is a great opportunity to network and stay on top of the most important trends in the sector; last year, over 80 grantmakers and 200 organizations were represented.

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