Fostering Ecosystems of Change

Yale Philanthropy Conference 2016

Friday February 12, 2016

11th Annual Yale Philanthropy Conference


Philanthropic organizations play a critical role in the ecosystem of social change. As with any ecosystem, the complexity of many forces at play means that shifts and innovations within one organization can have far-reaching effects on all of its stakeholders– including grantees, community members, businesses, and the balance of the system as a whole. This year, the Yale Philanthropy Conference will explore the evolving role of philanthropy within this ecosystem of change. We’ll examine how to harness tools for nurturing positive outcomes and amplifying impact.

As the only industry conference planned entirely by a top-tier business school, YPC embraces its tie to Yale’s School of Management (SOM) and the mission to create leaders for business and society. The conference is geared towards philanthropists and individuals working at foundations but also attracts nonprofit professionals, academics, consultants, and students.