About YPC

YPC is an annual conference that brings together over 300 philanthropy professionals from a variety of sectors and functions, creating a platform for learning, networking and innovation. YPC encourages and inspires presenters, practitioners and students alike to delve deep into the most pressing issues in the field, such as collaboration, effectiveness, and best practices. As the only philanthropy conference organized by a top-tier business school—the Yale School of Management— YPC provides a unique and critical perspective on challenging management issues facing the field.


YPC is an interdisciplinary forum that explores salient topics in philanthropy to foster dialogue, strengthen networks, and cultivate leadership in the sector.

The Logo

YPC logoThe ELM TREE links YPC to New Haven, which had the first public tree planting program in America and  was  given the nickname “Elm City.” The TRUNK is the Yale “Y”, showing YPC’s strong roots in the Yale    community, from which we derive our core values.The CIRCLE represents inclusion, unity, and our distinct  focus. YPC aims to unite philanthropy professionals by fostering dialogue, strengthening networks, and cultivating leadership in the sector. YPC’s BLUE and GREEN colors symbolize stability, collective wisdom  and, most importantly, generosity.